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    مجموعة Unfinished الجديدة
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    مجموعة Unfinished الجديدة
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    مجموعة Unfinished الجديدة

 Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti , known for his sculpted, jeweled and sporty shoes, spoke to Marie Claire about the role played by the music in his new collection Unfinished . The group is inspired by the magical atmosphere that usually precedes concerts.

You launched your brand in 1996, more than 20 years ago. What has changed since then?

When I established my mark in 1996, the market was very different from what it is today. It was more conservative and simpler. I have always fully understood what I want to design. She asked for shoes for special occasions. I also wanted to offer those customized to all ladies and stars alike. But I soon realized I had to do more to be a strong part of the market. The market today is enjoying a faster pace than before, and it is also saturated. What I do as a shoe designer is listening to people and watching all that surrounds me so that I can take advantage of all that energy I have.

What is the feeling that Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoes give to women when they get them?

I want women to feel as attractive and free to express themselves.

The new capsule collection is inspired by a previous premiere of a concert? What does music mean to you specifically?

Music is an integral part of the house’s identity, and I have always loved music, so I have worked as a small-format co-ordinator. Music still exists today in all my work.

How is music a source of inspiration for shoe design?

Music has always been a source of inspiration to me. It is part of my life and my work and my ordination. I really think that music and fashion are intertwined. Each sharing the same energy. Thus the designer must remain alert to absorb all that energy around him. I personally am inspired by art in its various forms, but of course music remains in the lead. I would not have imagined and invented any of my collections for music. I am sure that she will accompany me until the last group I have created in my life.

Did not you choose the bright pink color of shoes?

Because I found it the best color for her!

You usually like to use stones in your shoes but we do not see them in this group. What is the reason?

To the side of the music I liked also precious stones since childhood. It has long realized that the foot deserves to take care of them completely as we take care of our bodies. And therefore it must be decorate them also with precious stones. And still even today I like decorating my designs with stones,  but I  wanted recently to manipulate   More materials that I use the colors and techniques. In this group in particular, I wanted to manipulating colors and materials that remind RNAi of witchcraft , which dominates the scenes of concerts, and I thought about creating a special group of this revelation. 

All of the capsule group designs carry the name “incomplete”. Why?

As previously reported, this collection is inspired by the charm of the scenes and the period leading up to the start of the concert, and therefore it is not over yet. In the waiting period, the audience is enthusiastic and Micho Qa to start the ceremony. So I chose the name of Unfinished designs for Ozk t of witchcraft , which usually dominates the atmosphere before the start of the concert.

Who is the right woman for this group’s designs?

It ‘s a confident woman who loves herself to manipulate colors, styles and enjoy risk is not afraid that T. personal emerged strong Tha.

Is there a certain star you would like to see your shoes get on?

Stars have always been very important to me. I always feel grateful and happy to see the months of women Antaln my shoes. There is a certain star I see it Mentalh my shoes, but I’m really proud of when you choose the stars of my designs, it proves to me that I do the right thing and follow the right path.

What do you expect for the future of the fashion world and shoe design?

I expect some challenges. Competition is increasing in this area, but this also encourages me to re – invent myself, and to continue to provide appropriate designs and keep up to high fashion. Economically, I hope that my brand will expand to the level of the big role in the world of luxury and luxury. In order to realize this, I should Waaqid m in the centers and my designs high – end shops all over the world. But I personally see how my customers interact with my designs every time. They feel that Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoes have a wonderful feeling.


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