اسم يختصر معاني الطموح والنجاح..لانا الساحلي

She admits that she is a shy woman, enjoying simple things, especially when she is surrounded by her family and those close to her. She may be nervous quickly, but she has learned patience. And the proof is that they prepared delicious food for us when we visited her home in Rajal Tower – South Lebanon, where this special photo session took place. Is the example of a successful and dedicated woman … Lana is the coastal.

Who is Lana the Coastal? Name goes for definition! She is the author of the L’Armoire de Lana blog and has recently collaborated with Fendi, the first time in the Middle East to present a charm or Lana. This is a new achievement for Lena, her career, which is an internal struggle that is inseparable from her philosophy. With life and others. It foreshadows a promising future for personalities who can be imitated by the women’s movement.

What is the secret of your continued success?

Determined to work hard and especially passion, I would like to share more with others.

Can you describe a normal day in your life?

Follow one simple routine wherever you are in the world. When I wake up I turn off the alarm clock about three times! After I’m late enough, I check my e-mail. When I finish my daily routine to take care of my face every morning, grab the ginger and eat breakfast and then go to the gym. Then it’s time to work in the office or go for a photo session! I always end up at home to cook dinner or spend time with family and friends. I admit that my evenings are a little bit lousy because I prefer small restaurants that offer delicious food or watch movies on Netflix with my husband! Before sleeping I closed my eyes.

What are the highlights of the 2018/2017 autumn and winter season ?

One of my favorites for this season is the strong red color and silver color that emerged in the Saint Laurent collection, for example, and Chanel. I also liked the screams of black and high-impact scenes, as well as the huge coats and feathers used in the designs.

What do blogs currently lack?

In fact, we find a lot of information about goods and brands in general. But I think we need more stories from the reality of working in this area. To let people know about the inspiration of designers, for example, what goes on in the backstage and in the workshops and to have an idea of ​​the real way of working.

Imagine you open your closet one day and find it empty. What pieces do you buy first?

I first buy a white blouse, jeans, and a pair of shoes.

What are the most important points to keep in mind when shopping with a limited budget?

Always make a list of what you lack, so make it easier for you, just as you do when you visit the “supermarket”.

What does it mean for you to cooperate with Fendi House ?

It is a great honor for me to be able to work with a capable house with a long history of fashion. This is not the first time I have collaborated with Fendi but this project is very special to me, and it is also the first of its kind in the region for the house. The fruit of this collaboration is a charming jewel named Lana and will be revealed on my website www.larmoiredelana.com

How do you embody this ornament?

Its design is classic, but its side is also distinctive, just like my own style. It is a very modern decoration, blue color is my favorite color, and easily compatible with any view or accessories, and beyond the cries and seasons.

Who is the woman who will choose this ornament in your opinion?

I imagine many women wearing this ornament. For example, an elegant classic woman might want to give a distinctive touch to her everyday look through this ornament, or perhaps she would choose a modern and pioneering young woman, or even a schoolgirl to decorate her backpack or even her trousers.

When will this suit be issued and where will it be available?

The pre-order will be available on www.larmoiredelana.com and will be launched exclusively at the Dubai Mall in September.

In the summer season, for the second time, I collaborated with a number of distinguished designers. But what challenges did she face during the preparation of this project?

It was a really wonderful experience and I am happy to discover more with each new group. But there is no doubt that the challenge has been great since the first group issued in December, which won the admiration of all and thank God! Thanks to the creative team in Lebanon and in the region, we also introduced a new summer group. We were definitely tired at work but most important to us was to please the public!

Who is the team that helps you and works alongside you?

I started my blog 7 years ago and I chose my team 4 years ago. As businesses and businesses grew, I needed a precise strategy, a price list, and a real study of the projects I was working on. Boshra Bustani joined the team. Thanks to her skills and experience in the world of luxury and luxury products, she now runs the blog, in addition to e-selling and we share the same vision. I also recently signed up to work with a new agency as we prepare to launch a new platform and am excited to unveil it. I always try to do the best and I want people to have a special and exceptional experience. I also have an account manager who is interested in all sales either on the website or on the intram.

Marie Claire today chose to highlight the strong woman behind the enchanting coastal lana and chose to organize the filming session in your hometown in southern Lebanon. What role does your family play in your life and who are behind cameras and lights?

Everyone who knows me knows exactly how important my family is in my life. I need support and support just like anyone else. I feel fortunate that my relationship with my family and brothers is very solid. For example, ask for the opinion of my mother, my sister and my husband on matters of work, whether simple, such as commenting on a picture that I have posted on an intramogram or a task like designing a particular product, for example. As for the location of the photography session, I am very happy and very humble to be in my area, especially in my family home. This house has been the product of hard work for many years, and it is also a dream come true for my father. My religious engagement and wedding ceremony was held in this particular house because it is a very dear place in my heart and enjoys a charming side that I can not even describe.

I love my area and my presence in my village reminds me of my grandfather, who was a strong and inspiring man and a true example to us. In my opinion, land is very important in human life so it is necessary to always stick to our roots and remember our homeland and our country.

As for my personality behind the cameras, I can say that I am very shy and like to spend time with my husband, family and close friends. I enjoy and rejoice in simple things and be happy and grateful as long as my loved ones are all on my side. I’m also a very nervous person and I get nervous quickly, but I’ve learned to control my anger and be patient and calm, even though my sister may disagree with me! I like cooking and inventing new dishes and this is something that my sister and I learned from our mother. Lunch is my favorite meal, and you may be surprised but I rarely go shopping, which does not appeal to me because I prefer the business side of fashion.

Are there a lot of problems and disagreements on the website?

I think the situation is like the third world war on the intrest! But there is always room and place for everyone and I am of course encouraging “love instead of war!”!

Technical Management: Farah Kreidieh

Dialogue: Nicolas Azar

Coordination: Sima Maalouf and Jessica Bounni

Photography: Nikola Barrisov at Capital D

Make-up: Diala Chaaban at Capital D

Hairdressing: Ivone at Velvet Management

Star: Lana El Sahely

All clothes from Fendi